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Coconut oil is indispensable in personal care products due its exceptional functionalities and values. Our exotic coconut oils have all the functionality of regular coconut oil but with added characteristics. These exotic coconut oils are products of innovative technology as in cold centrifuge series™ for virgin oil de coco crème®, or exotic process of enfleurage as in Monoi de Tahiti, or natural infusion as in vanilla de coco-crème™. These are simply exotic coconut oils with special attributes beyond high stability and lathering capabilities. Special attributes: 100% natural, excellent moisturizing capabilities, occlusivity and highly stable.


Naturally occurring butters range between soft waxy substances that form a solid or semisolid at ambient temperatures to hard and brittle like cocoa butter. These are a group of natural fats with a high content of symmetrical monounsaturated triglycerides. They contain 50-60% of saturated fatty acids, mainly stearic acid, and up to 47% of monounsaturated oleic acid. These are generally tropical jungle crops and production volume is dependent on nature’s cooperation. Important attributes: narrow melting point, high content of saturated fatty acids, high in oxidation stability, viscosity and emulsion stability, and contains many ingredients beneficial to hair and skin.

“Nutri-Butters” are natural compound of novelty oils and exotic butters. This natural process avoids and does not use hydrogenation at all. This way, it maintains the overall naturalness of the product.


Our selections of natural carrier oils are mostly exotic in nature with natural habitats specific to different parts of the world. In recent years, interest in these oils has grown dramatically as science has proven their beneficial characteristics and which have long been known and used in non-western cultures. These oils have therapeutic and functional properties. Some are rich in specific essential fatty acids, or high oxidative stability. Others have rejuvenating and healing properties, natural vitamins or very specific functions that make them unique. These natural carrier oils function beyond as carrier of nutrients; they can be nutrients and active ingredients in their own right.


These are solid plant oils (palm, palm kernel oil, coconut oil) and naturally occurring waxes that act as hardening agents, emollients, and viscosity modifiers. These bases are critical elements in soap and lotion-cream formulation. They have long shelf life and a high degree of stability which is critical to serve as a backbone in formulation. Along with these oils are other ingredients like Castor oil and glycerin which are equally important in personal care products formulations. In addition to long shelf life, they are also humidifier, emollient, lathering agents and moisturizers. These functions make them a “backbone” for personal care formulation.


These are often mislabeled as “carrier oil” although technically speaking, they are not. Novelty oils are pure oleaginous extracts that exhibit healing properties or contain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that make them active ingredients and natural additives. Their functionality in formulation is mainly attributed to unique fatty acid arrangements. Most of these novelty oils are actually nutraceuticals which can be used as a healing substances or supplements, and in some bio-medical applications. If used directly on the body, these oils normally will still need a carrier oil to apply to due to their high concentration and substance density. To use as a carrier oil, it is ideal to mix them in a 5-15% dilution in order to carry other nutrients (as essential oil) and to have synergistic effect with their own nutrients and other active ingredients.


After careful evaluation, we are offering a selection of 100% pure essential oils most important for day to day needs. Essential oil is the essence of a plant and are used both as a therapeutic and esthetic agent in formulation. For full efficacy, it is critical to use a pure unadulterated essential oil. We made our selections based on quality, reliability and expertise which are necessary requirements for sourcing reliable essential oils. Please check back later as we will be adding gradually to this line of products.


We have a few selections of these wonderful natural plant base materials. These botanical powders are made from fruit seeds and fibers and are used as natural exfoliants and natural colorants. You can have fun in using these plant powders in gels, in soaps, foot and body scrubs and in cleansing cream. They are gentle and natural and ideal for facial cleanser. Their attractive natural colors (pink, yellow, reddish brown, beige) are perfect for gels and transparent soaps.





Evidence and recent scientific studies have clearly shown of the cosmetic and healing benefits attributed to the Dead Sea and its minerals and long known for centuries. The important minerals in dead sea products are: magnesium, bromine, sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, and Zinc. These elements work in harmony to relieve symptoms and increase the feeling of well being. A hot bath with dissolved Dead Sea Salt has therapeutic effect on people with skin ailments, relieves muscle tension and is a relaxing experience for the muscles, body and soul. Dead Sea mud is a stimulating product for the whole body; it is therapeutic since it stimulates blood circulation and relieves painful joints. It is excellent in softening dry skin or scalp. Although known for centuries, its mainstream popularity only started in the early 60’s when it became available in the mass market. Our selection includes dead sea mud-raw, dead sea mud-powder, ready- to-use facial concentrate, ready-to-use body concentrate, dead sea salt coarse and fine granules, and dead sea brine.

Nature’s Prime™ DIY BASES

These are not your typical DIY bases BUT carefully formulated with nature and science in mind. We use highly stable bases of our own: as virgin oil de coco-crème®, golden jojoba, and premium shea butters. Our butter base is made from naturally occurring butters and nutritional butters. The precise combinations of these bases required the lowest % of preservatives and additives. It also gives you enough room to add sophisticated ingredients and nutrients in your formulations. With our premium DIY bases, the luxury and efficacy of natural product becomes affordable without buying every single ingredient. We offer Nature’s Prime™ selection of cream, lotion, and butter bases.