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Our Story

The concept was initiated due to our success with virgin oil de coco-crème® in 1998.  So, in 1999, we opened the operation of QUALITY FIRST INTERNATIONAL, INC. to source and trade  specialty oils, natural extracts, and functional ingredients for food, cosmetics, bio-pharmaceutical, and environmental clients.  The main objective is to bring new products that are natural, healthy, and functional to the market place.  Services include trading, representation of principals, wholesale distribution and technical support. However, most of the natural products do not reach the “real” natural manufacturers as our traded commodity is often handled by distributors with little interest and lack of knowledge in the details of the product.

About Prime Ingredients.CA

Prime Ingredients was initially created to serve aromatherapy, candles,  massage, soap & toiletries industries – as a means to make these specialty oils available where there is limited service through distributors.

In 2004 we extended our services to personal care and cosmetic industries; as natural products becomes a high demand.

In 2006 we extended our product line to Health and Wellness Ingredients primarily to serve holistic product formulators.

In 2007, we extended our product line of truly organic ingredients; meaning these are truly certified organic ingredients with proper audit trail.  Prime Ingredients is one of the first to be certified organic in raw material distribution.

To date, our services include Private Labeling for Health and Spa clinics as well as health products outlet.

With Prime Ingredients, we have added basic commodities to complement selection of specialty products.  For specialty items or basic commodities, we follow the same concept in sourcing:  Quality, value, safety and efficacy. Our goal is to supply the most successful clients with products that give them the leading edge over the competition.