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 Virgin oil de Coco-Crème Fairly Fair Trade
Or Fairly Fair Trade Philisophy™

Quality First International believes in fair trade.  However, to claim fair trade by being within an organization is not always a measure of  Fair Trade.  We go beyond the standard measures of fair trade as we believe it is NOT fair to eliminate some individuals/business that work hard to bring the product to the end user.

Our “Fairly” Fair Trade philosophy:

  1. To recognize the effort of all parties involve from planting to delivering the end product to the end user.
  2. To assure that the farmers (which is normally claimed by fair traders) are really being paid for what claim to the public.
  3. To assure that the end user is also being benefited by the fair trade.  Fair trade for us in just a fair quality – it should be high quality too.
  4. To verify that the Fair trade works for everybody and not only for marketing /advertising of the companies that sponsor  Fair Trade.
  5. To educate the entire chain the importance of each rule in delivering the product to the market.
  6. Fair traded products are not just fair products – they should be high quality.

With “Fairly” Fair Trade concept, everybody should be rewarded for what they do.  It should be fair from farmers to the end user.